The Here's Hoping McIlroy Fucks It Up Again Thread


The way the security chaps man handle him is farcical - It’s a kid ffs. … McIlroy deserves a belt of a club in the big pube head.


If there was anything in McIlroy he would have done the decent thing there. He’s a despicable scrote.


Don’t be telling half truths


Don’t be so gullible.



Christ .


Would he be great enough to warrant you changing your avatar to, say, his face?




hadn’t seen that before, my respect for Rors has soared. Fat spoiled kid showed no manners. That kid now knows how his peers feel as he pushes them out of the way on his way up the queue to the canteen.


Aye and the other fatties on here empathised with the fat kid. No surprise.


I’ve had some fat rugby cunt as my avatar since I joined the site so why not


A feeling Rory himself wasn’t unaccustomed to either


it was also a symbolic fcuk off to his chubby young self.




That fat fucker hasn’t gone away. He’s still in there, being starved, but as any fat kid will tell you, it never goes away.


By that logic he will hang himself (hopefully) in 5 years in a fuck off to his horrible current self.


That was just a phase. He played double or quits with his chin and lost.


I’d say there’s many ex-fatsos on this forum who have gone on to live happy and healthy lives PF (post fatty)


That’s fine, but we’re talking about the cuntishness of British golfer, Rory McIlroy


Our Rory identifies as Northern IRISH not Northern British. Hail hail.



By that logic he’s not your Rory then, is he?