The Here's Hoping McIlroy Fucks It Up Again Thread


Sure I’m a North Tipp man so I have a bit of a northerner in me


Youre from Limerick, mate.


I am in me hole you Clare cunt




That’s what I said, youre.


Newport is in Limerick


Learn how to use an apostrophe you slack-jawed Clare yokel.


Rory mc = ireland prince :clap:


It’ll be very appropriate to see him in green on Sunday night


Unlike between those white cabins he tends to find himself between of a Sunday in Augusta


I’ve had a modest punt on Rory so that I can take a side in this debate for a few days. I hate being on the fence in TFK.


Hey I meant to contact you. Stand by me was on Sky greats last night. Watched it. Thanks for brining back so great memories


Leaving a bro hanging, unforgivable. There’s no end to this cunts depravity.


He never lets us down lads. Thanks for another good one Rory.

You prick.


Busted flush.


He looked like a right wanker in his pink top too.


Its not like he needs any help either.


TFK’s west brits will be seething.


“We love your Rors…”


He can win every tournament for the rest of the season as far as I’m concerned.