The Here's Hoping McIlroy Fucks It Up Again Thread


Both he, and we know, it wont matter a fuck. Those cabins still haunt his dreams.




The Indo have lashed out at McIlroy for having the audacity to not publish any photos from his wedding

Paul Kimmage is seething at the piece


Kimmage coming out a bigger cunt than McIlroy there, quite an achievement.


Kimmage has impeccable honour, doesn’t give a second thought to shitting on his employer*

*I haven’t read the piece.


How does Kimmage come out of it as cunt?


+1. Kimmage is a real oddball.


BOD, Kimmage & Mcilpube all coming across like cunts here


I laughed at the bit where they described BOD as every bit as much of a global star as McIlpube.



Ya, remember all the publicity the time he was arrested in New York


“Every bit the global star”, it was a lovely turn of phrase.

I see there were snubs for/from GMac and FOTF Shane Lowry.


Which Irish golfer is nicknamed BOD?


Because he’s making it about himself as usual when it’s just a cringeworthy article irrespective of whether Pubehead ever granted him an interview or not.


You have an anti-Kimmage agenda.
Just like the entire world.


You’d feel Kimmage has made this far more of a story than it ever was going to be. Even Lineker is tweeting about it now.



Rory refering to players complaining about the rough before the US Open started “60 yards from the left line to the right line, if you can’t hit it in that avenue you may as well pack your bags and go home”

I’ve only seen him play three holes and he has been in the long fescue in all of them, two shots to get out of it on 18. Time to pack your bags Rory. +6 on a day where almost half the field is under par.


I don’t see how those points are incompatible. He will most likely be packing his bags and going home . If he comes out whinging about the rough you might have a point


Those new clubs must not be working out for him eh @Faldo


The point is the arrogance of claiming your fellow professionals don’t belong there if they can’t hit a 60 yard wide fairway. If you’re going to mouth off, back it up by hitting it in the fairway yourself rather than 20 yards into the rough.