The Here's Hoping McIlroy Fucks It Up Again Thread


This whole marriage gig mustn’t be suiting him at all.


And meanwhile alright sort Padraig Harrington is joint leader going into the weekend :clap::golf:


Or suiting him too well. Maybe he wants weekends off to spend with his Mrs. She probably wants him to impregnate her


It does look like he has fallen out of love with the game.


Before you fucking know it, he’ll be posting on the ravenous thread.


Or worse still, the father’s issues thread :joy:




Here’s Rory’s bag for the Open


Let’s hope it’s a lucky bag.


It’ll be on Done Deal on Saturday morning


What a despicable low life orange bastard. Trying to legitimise the sectarian state that killed nationalist people including his own family members.


That isn’t the NI flag . It is St George’s cross .


McIlpubes making a total bollocks of the first hole :+1:


McIlroy +5 after 6 holes :rofl:


We destroyed the cunt, what a victory :dembele:


He’s had a mental breakdown


Look at the leaderboard babe :smile:


BBC live
McIlroy (+5 after 9)
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The body language of a man wishing he was just at home, with a box of biscuits, watching Love Island.

Rors has a decent look at the green despite finding fans off the tee. He whips one onto the dancefloor but leaves plenty to do.


Rory is battling his little heart out here. +4 after 12


Another birdie there after decent eagle putt.