The Here's Hoping McIlroy Fucks It Up Again Thread


Another birdie there after a decent eagle putt (again)



ROrys flying it now. One over and 6 behind. Out early tomorrow before the high wins pick up.


Another birdie now +1 and right back in the mixer


Lovely, it’s no fun if the prick doesn’t have to drag his hole around the course on a Saturday and Sunday like a dog with worms


Can’t be easy for him - do any of the rest of the golfers have to carry around a big bowl of soup?


Another birdie for Rory on the first. Level par


Wrong thread


Sir Rors ripping it up. At -1 now


Good chance for rors to move to two under


He’s in the zone


This is tremendous news. Keep it up cunt.


Rory moves to 3 under. 8 under through his last 16 holes. Sensational stuff.


2 under




Do you not understand you knuckle dragging banjo playing cunt? We want him on that wall, we need him on that wall, it’s no good if the pricks humiliation doesn’t last the entire 4 days. Go Rawrs :clap:


Sure “ye” do. Carry on, this doesn’t look silly at all.


I’ll cut you, you cunt


It’s only golf at the end of the day man, don’t go getting yourself rattled over it


I’ll end you.


Excellent Rory - keep it up…