The Here's Hoping McIlroy Fucks It Up Again Thread


Some lad here in The 51 let out the type of exasperated scream you’d hear a supporter making if their team struck the post in a World Cup final when McIlpube nearly holed from the green side bunker there. Golf fans. :laughing:


They are complete fannies - Do they still shout ‘get in the hole’ at any/every opportunity?


Rory finishes with a 68 and is 1 under going into the last two days.


That’s gas. There’s some freak from Laois on a website I frequent doing the opposite. Celebrating like he’s just won a go on his sister when mcilroy messes up and seething when he does well.
I didn’t even know that Laois people played sports let alone golf.


The field coming back to Rory here.


I’ve given that a like


Eagle for Spieth


McIpubes chips in at the 4th, he’s -3 now and 3 shots behind the leader.


And he fucks it up again, back to -1 after a double bogey at 10th. Now 8 off lead


Great news.


This is why it’s just wonderful to see the cunt limp into the last two days. More suffering for him as he pulls up the rear and suffers the ignominy of going out early of a Sunday morning.


His tee time is 1.30pm


You didn’t. The audit trail doesn’t lie.


@myboyblue gets his wish.


Maybe he’s not bothered anymore! You know the way how some lads achieve their career pinnacle at minor level and just fade away?


Please god we won’t have to listen to Rors in the future tell us how much of a madser he was doing it.


@myboyblue knew :clap:


Knew how to make a show of himself?



This thread has stood the test of time


He’s looks like fucking Big Bird the silly cunt.