The Here's Hoping McIlroy Fucks It Up Again Thread


It’s not a wish man, it’s a FACT OF LIFE


Great, he can get the mass so. Won’t lie on either the dozy prick.


This horrible orange bastard will be absolutely spiething this evening.


Rory is a taig bastard the same as ourselves mate


Rory is a house nigger to some extent.


Does he even know Down were in the Ulster final last week? I’d doubt it.


His uncle Mickey McDonald won a couple of Ulster Championship with Armagh . McIlroy has Lurgan bllod


Another enjoyable weekend for this thread. Thanks Rors, you solid prick of a human


Rors prob reasonably happy himself 4th in a major and a nice ball of cash for his trouble…everyones happy


4th, what the fuck is this, the Premier League?! :grinning:


Hes gone and fired the caddy


A bit like Michael Murphy of Donegal. Rory could do worse than put the club’s away and take a year out.


Rors doesnt appreciate insubordination

“JP, he reminded me who I was, basically. He said, ‘You’re Rory McIlroy, what the fuck are you doing?’ I said, ‘Yeah’. At that point I mumbled and said, ‘Whatever.’


Huge amount behind the scenes in their working relationship. Far more than usual caddy player. Fitzgerald is a long standing friend of Dermot Desmond and is the link between Desmond and mcIlroy. Id say fitzgerald one of only ones who gave it to him straight


Is he still not talking to the father for riding yer wan?


What an absolute cunt.


Forbes estimated that Fitzgerald earned $1.65 million from his cut of McIlroy’s prize money over the 12 months to June this year.

I’d say he did alright out of him over the years.


Was it Tiger Woods Caddie that was once the best paid sportsman in New Zealand?


I know the inevitable response is that he’s worth 200m but is this chap actually a bit simple. I heard him on the radio this morning explaining why he sacked his caddie. It was damaging their friendship. And now his best friend has got the job?


He’ll only be worth about 50 next year when the wife fucks off.