The Here's Hoping McIlroy Fucks It Up Again Thread


For a few weeks. He has someone lined/tapped up.

He is one of the worst advised guys around. Decline can be traced to his burning of last agent when his head got turned by his entourage. Be a good book written about that. The ex caddy was reported to have been the one who recommended he talk to Dermot Desmond about it. Sure his story for the courts about inability to sign contract was high farce as well


Yeah steve williams. An insufferable arsehole too


Mcilroy strikes me as the sort of lad who needs to go out one a month and get absolutely fucking hammered.
Dust himself down on the Sunday morning and start afresh on the Monday.
He is a time bomb waiting to explode. He needs to take a year out.


Not easy do that with his sponsor obligations. But yeah looks burnt from it


Would you be willing to set up and moderate a “people who need a year out” thread, mate?


Yeah go on then


I was thinking the exact same thing.


Can someone explain why a caddy is so important in golf. Surely the golfer decides what club/iron he wants to play and caddy simply carry and hand same?


I would imagine its pretty similar to a co driver in rallying.


Is his auld lad involved in advising him?


I think the better ones are more like sports psychologists, getting lads heads straight when they are in trouble etc.


Not in a formal capacity but he used to travel a lot with him and doubt he could keep the oar out


Good caddy removes a lot of decisions from the player when under pressure. 2nd opinions. Physcologists. Some will read the putts. They would also do a lot of groundwork and prepare own yardage books for players based on the route around the course their player is likely to take

I couldnt say if value is overstated or not. Based on the long term relationships lot of the v top players have with their caddys then I assume it is worth a significant amount.

Steve Williams is an utter tosser but he has been hired and been hugely successful with a host of top golfers over the years. They are all hiring him for a reason


If Williams has been hired by a host of them, doesn’t it follow that he’s also been fired by a host of them?

What’s his story and why is he such a tosser? Just asking, like.


Is it safe to say Rory looks gassed?


He seems to be a bit of a prick


Yeah been fired by a few but thats par for the course (boom boom) caddys will always get blame for golfer poor form. He was with greg norman for years and he fired him then he was with ray floyd for years and went on seniors tour with him. Woods poached him from Floyd and thst lasted for close to 15 years. Woods claims he fired williams but williams tells v different story in his book reckons he had a huge row with woods over all the lies about riding the women. Who knows what truth is.

He thinks he is as important as one of the players is main reason hes a cunt. He made a holy show of himself when adam scott won his first major gave an interview all about how happy he was to have won and barely mentioned Scott!! He also had a long running feud with mickleson. Think he made a racist comment about woods after they finished up as well


Sounds spot on to me


Bit of respect. Steve Williams won 14
majors. Eldrick and Adam Scott just executed Steve’s shots.


In the water at 14, heading for a double bogie.