The Here's Hoping McIlroy Fucks It Up Again Thread


Who’s carrying the cunts bags nowadays?


One of his pals, a top amateur from the north, is carrying it for last week and this week for starters.

No long term plan announced but rumours that Billy Foster will move from westwood. Not sure getting in someone mired in failure is the best call tbh


Misery loves company.


+4 and in danger of missing the cut


Poor @AppleCrumbled :open_mouth:


What did he do ?


Balls deep so he is.


+5 now. Condemned to the curse of @myboyblue. Fated to wander around the majors in a fog of irrelevance having just made the cut.


Suffer you little bastard. Suffer.


A lot on here tonight wallowing in others failure .


I think the word you were looking for was revelling.




That’s what we’re best at


The sympathy for Farah and Rory is great to see,


A lot on here have performed at an elite level I assume and have a degree of empathy when things don’t go to plan


Little wanker deserves everything coming his way after the way JP was kicked to the kerb.


It’s just that we hate cunts


Fuck off to Mumsnet you whiny cunt.


What is that ?


Golf isnt a sport.