The Here's Hoping McIlroy Fucks It Up Again Thread


How is Harry Diamond faring out?


Quelle surprise one soup taker defending another


Id say Harry got a variation of the advice I got when caddying for a pal of mine before "you’re here to light the fags and carry the bag dont be getting notions "


Sore back from walking through crowds, footpaths, bunker raking and generally everywhere bar the fairway.


Aren’t a bit old to be thinking you are some kind of republican .




This kid is done, hasn’t the mental strength


Tends to happen to fucks who got everything handed to them too easily. Only child syndrome.


That child of yours needs company.


Wouldnt say everything was handed to him was it? Didnt think he was from a particularly privileged background

He is in an awful ambulance at the moment with his short game. His heads gone


His parents worked their holes off to please him & his Da pushed the golf bug big time. He is a very talented individual but he doesn’t appreciate it.


Ah he very much appreciates his parents. It might be part of his branding but there is truth behind that.

He also does work hard.

He is though an emotional lad who enjoys being interviewed a bit too much. He doesn’t have the focus to maintain top position for too long.


I wouldn’t say that in fairness. A bit more like Ozzie, got too much of his head above his ears so to speak


Maybe he has too many hangers on?


There is a bit of truth in that. Has way too much to say to the media.


You are obsessed with Waterford. It can’t be healthy for you. Diving into a golf thread to have a cut at Ozzie :nerd_face: [quote=“the_mixer_walsh, post:1513, topic:14491, full:true”]
I wouldn’t say that in fairness. A bit more like Ozzie, got too much of his head above his ears so to speak


Don’t worry it’s not exclusive to Waterford. It’s pay back time after all the years of listening to shit from others about Kilkenny. Now that we’re out of the picture I’ll take great pleasure in giving dogs abuse to whoever I see fit.


Must be nice to experience a little bit of joy from the game at last.


His team are quite small actually.

When he left Horizon he was doing alright for a while. Ol Terry Prone had him spinning a good media message. But he just can’t help himself blurting out shite. Like golf in the Olympics last year. He had spent a couple of years doing PR on who he was going to represent and then a ready made excuse comes his way. Rather than just go along with that excuse, he basically admits a few weeks later that he doesn’t care about golf in the Olympics. He shits on it from a height, pissing off all those in golf who put effort in to get it there, and just creates another nonsense media circus around himself.

And to think the gormless Shane Lowry followed him like a puppy over the zika thing.