The hope McIlroy wins thread


As he’s an Irish player with a bit of a flair to his game I’m going to go against the grain here and admit I hope the young fella wins this and goes on to fulfill his potential as one of the game’s greats. Does anyone else feel the same way?
I realise he’s a bit of a smug, preppy cunt but this is golf so he’s hardly going to be salt of earth.
The internet is a strange place. Almost every average common or garden Irish sports fan I know is hoping McIlroy wins, yet most of the internetters despise him… :unsure:
This is not a wum by the way.


Alot of forum creatures are bitter cunts gola, thats a given. Some of them even think forum opinions are on a par with general opinions, and so much i have noticed this is not the case.

Hope he wins it in style.


Signing in. Lets go Rory. Lets go Rory…


See soup taking thread.


Best of luck Rory, a thoroughly alright sort by all accounts.


Not a very popular thread this.

Says it all about him really


Gas how the likes of mbb would have been clap clapping to his hearts content in normal circumstances but is all of a sudden cheering against an Irishman on his way to a famous victory. That’s what happens when you live yer life through the internet I suppose.


Seriously, have we met?


He wants in with the cranky republican/Celtic/Italian crowd. He thinks they are the cool kids around here so wants to be part of that gang. Going the anti Rory line was always on.

No doubt he’ll be getting in a few down the local late watching the golf shouting him on and saying to the lads that he “heard” he’s a great lad. :lol:


Bwahahahahahaha. :lol:


shit thread


+1 dungeon.


Its sad really he’s such a loser. I actually feel sorry for him sometimes, but then he licks some tools arse and it irks me. Always disliked hangers on.


No you’d have to leave the house for that



So if we havent met, how do you claim to know so much about me?




Good reply mate. Well done.


‘mate’ :smiley:


You’re an easy read mbb.