The hope McIlroy wins thread


You never did answer my question mate.


The use of ‘mate’ absolutely sums you up you unoriginal clown of a man. Now fuck off.


:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:



best of luck to the young lad, a credit to the island so he is.

hopefully he wins this by 10 or more but either way a new golfing superstar is born and one with an abundance of class and panache.
an end to that ignoramous tiger woods also as golfs savoiur would be an added bonus



well played mate


its golf, good for people with your condition as it encourages vitamin d on the scalp & face but to the rest of us who arent inflicted with your skin condition its a lame ass game played by tards. golfers dont have panache per se


you are correct about the skin condition as usual, well done
wouldnt agree withg the latter part of your post though


how does a fuxckin golfer have panache?

mcilroy is a dull fucker that has spent his life playing round upon round of golf- he is a dweeb


im sorry you feel like this


Nice use of the word dweeb.


just on this MBB character, i see he started the US Open thread but hasnt he always been spouting that not a sport shite?


I’m taking my lead from Neil Lennon on this one and supporting Rory in his endeavours tonight.


would be standard kind of carry on alright. he just lives in the world of the internet.


Have always said it mate. I think you’ll find it thus for some time.


well then in that case thank you for your graciousness in starting the us open thread and your endless endless posts on the various golf threads i see on the front page.


As an Uncle Tom I am supporting both (diametrically opposed) threads on the matter of Rory’s success today and will finish with an anecdote and flight of fancy of little consequence. I was in his native Holywood a couple of times, impressive maypole in the centre of town. I also noted the position of the military installation which will be useful when we are besieging Belfast some years hence and will require artillery coordinates for such targets.


You’re welcome mate. I’m quite happy to help out where I can in your internetting life. I also enjoy a clutter free forum and place to laugh as people call golf a sport. A sport I ask you, a 60 year old cripple nearly won one of its most prestigious tournaments not long ago FFS :lol:


Signing In. Great to see him win it, that’s 5 majors Ireland have won in the last 4 years :o An amazing statistic when you consider the size of our island.

The participants in the other thread are your typical begrudgers, probably drawing the dole and beating their wives out of bitterness.


Best wishes to Rory


Best of luck to Rory.