The hope McIlroy wins thread


Golf is great for networking and McIlroy’s high profile has proven to be an excellent conversation topic for me with a number of clients.

I’m firmly behind the Ulsterman tonight.


Has he teed off yet?


He has half a chance of holding on now. Ridiculous margin.


2 under after 4, ridiculously good golf out of him. Dead right to go out and attack the course. Im sure they will tell us anon but anyone know how many US opens Westwood would have won with a 6 under?





Nevertheless…nevertheless…I remain…eh…confident that something will come to save us. I don’t know, maybe he’ll go for a piss and forget to finish his round or something.


Well done Rory! :clap: :clap:


:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

A victory that will be scribed in the history of our nation. One of our greatest sons has become a man! :pint:


Shows he’s human by 3 putting for the first time this week.


He aint Irish but this victory will show unreal bouncebackability. I’m hoping he does it and Im sure he will.

BBC sports personality of the year I reckon - anyone got a price? good chance of a Queens honour too in the new year.

A great day for the nordies.


He’s an Ulsterman and last time I checked Ulster is in Ireland. Ergo he is Irish. Sin è


No mate, 6 counties of Ulster are part of the UK. There is a internationally recognised border there and a vast majority of residents there like McIllroy like being under London rule and consider themselves British. Under the GFA, residents of Norn Iron can claim to be British or Irish.

McIllroy also has a British passport, says he is British and has a Union Jack pyjamas. Like the Irish rugby players, his greatest ambition is to represent GB.

I think it is safe to say he is British.

Still I hope he wins.


Shane O Mac supporting Rory all the way. :clap:


In da bag. Well done Rory.


Himself and Gmac represented Ireland in the world cup, he’s Irish


Fair play to him, showed some nerve over the few days.


Stop talking through your arse. If he has no trouble admitting he is British, you or anyone else shouldnt have any problem accepting that.

Some win - 86% of greens hit in regulation, average drive of 310 yards. What a show of character after his collapse at Augusta.

Can someone tell me what has happened Harrington of late?


He’s Northern Irish, as well as Irish and British. Read Ireland 1912-1985: Politics and Society if you’re still confused.



Read a map, the GFA and quotes from Rory McIllroy if you’re still confused.


The fact that McIlroy did this:

and then changed his nationality to that of the colonial oppressor for money means that he should be considered on the same level as the likes of Eoghan Harris and Conor Cruise O’Brien, although possibly lower as at least they changed for ideological reasons as opposed to monetary ones