The hope McIlroy wins thread


Great day for Irish Golf, well done Rory. A ercord win too has i hoped. Looking forward to PTI tonight.


From Hogan Stand and below young Rory on The Gerry Kelly show back in 99

[i]New US Open Champion Rory McIlroy has a strong GAA background.

His uncle Mickey McDonald was a star attacker for Armagh from 1982 to 1987.

From the St. Pauls club in Lurgan, Mickey usually lined out at left half and left full forward.

During this period, Armagh were rated amongst the top teams in the country and were warm favourites for the NFL title in 1983.

The Orchard County had edged out Meath on a 2-8 to 1-7 scoreline in the semi-finals, the opportunist McDonald finishing with a tally of 1-2.

Unfortunately for the men in Saffron, old rivals Down surprised everybody by virtue of a 1-8 to 0-8 final victory, with Mickey McDonald notching one of the Armagh points.

During that League run McDonald struck 1-1 in a famous victory over Kerry in his native Lurgan, while his brace of goals edged Armagh to a 3-4 to 0-9 victory over Mayo.

The St. Pauls club was formed in 1971 to cater for a growing GAA population in Lurgan, also the home of famed Clan na Gael, the first Armagh team to win Ulster Club honours.

Mickey McDonald emerged as a star attacker amongst a host of successful St. Pauls’ underage teams and first came to national prominence as a key member of a very talented Armagh minor team, who eventually went under to future All-Ireland champions Down following a replay in 1977.

So, as they say in that part of Armagh, ‘Rory just didn’t pick it up off the bushes’! That sporting ability and accuracy was always in his genes.

Congratulations Rory. [/i]


i guess there is a point somewhere in that drivel but it fails for 2 major reasons
neither muckball or golf are sports & rory is a west brit & so is anyone that plays muckball



McIllroy himself says he is British

Back in 2010, the man himself was asked did he consider himself British or Irish. McIlroy told the PGA Tour website: “Pass. I’m Northern Irish, I hold a British passport, so there you go.”

But in a 2009 interview with The Telegraph he called it the “awkward question” when asked would he represent Great Britain or Ireland at the 2016 Olympics, but said: “I’d probably play for Great Britain. I have a British passport.”



Thats enough so. His fellow Brit agrees.


"I took a lot of inspiration from watching Rory McIlroy win the US Open."Andy Murray[/i]


He could do better?


She varies wildly in pictures, but you’d imagine so.

I think we can safely assume he’s banging all around him at present. This is how things go in British sporting culture, Ryan Giggs, John Terry, etc etc.


I’d say she’ll be happy enough to be the good girlfriend at home but accept that he’s probably banging all around him while on tour.


Oh aye, she knows where that bread is buttered. Any man that does that many jaegers is knocking the shit out of some brasser somewhere.


Great to see Rory in the Royal Box at Wimbledon today with his kin. A true Brit and proud of it.


Lads around here need to get over this shit. He’s from Northern Ireland, end of.


Rory: “I’m British”

I’d say you must be seething, Locke?


Locke badly exposed here by his hero and honourable subject of the crown.


Thrawneen, you’ve been building up a lot of hate for the brits over the past few days.

Is there something you want to get off your chest?


It’s an age thing, Fran. I’m approaching 30. I’d say I’ll add blacks to the list in the next decade, followed by queers, young people and Pakistani shop-keepers until I’m a proper smelly, ignorant old racist like my grandfathers were before me.


When you get to my age you will have a list as long as your arm, most of those groups mentioned above are on it as well as taxi drivers. :smiley:


Here’s your 4p right.


There is a look of pikey of Rory at Wimbeldon, the suit looks two sizes to big for him and as for the hair, well the less said about that the better. very poor showing from Rory.