The 'How long will it take for Fianna Fail to get back into power' thread


In horse racing parlance , Putin is a stayer.


Jesus, when you look back on it, it doesn’t get better with time. Can you imagine the laugh the boys had when they were blinded as he approached them.


And the roasterish way he has it buttoned up.


+1. All these years on, and none of the other fellas “rig outs” have aged at all. Deary me.


Back when Ireland was a major world player, look at the way the lads are being entertained by Bertie, laughing at his jokes



I thought that was a photoshop.


Putin, then as now, leader of the pack.


Or in political parlance, a dictator.


Ooh i member the celtic tiger and the drumcondra mafia, they were fantastic


We never had it so good.


Tent going back up in Galway as we speak


“I Will If It Means Another Pension” Bertie Ahern


Let the good times roll. Unreal. Unbelievable


Bring back ff


Bertie mugged off the likes of cunts such as @communityman, he deserves some credit in the bank for that.


Well he brought peace to NI


Albert did that,Bertie just finished filling in the forms


Bertie has no interest in rejoining FF. He had his day. He doesn’t give a fuck. He’ll collect his 150k a year and toast them all in Fagans. He’s too clever for that. His retirement /resignation as Taoiseach told you everything you needed to know about him.


Still finshed the job


Bringing peace to Northern Ireland is his legacy