The 'How long will it take for Fianna Fail to get back into power' thread


Ian Paisley was indeed a great leader :+1:


It’s a great photoshop.


For a few years after the crash he looked a crushed, pathetic figure anytime I saw him. Bad limp, whiskey nose and almost always on his own. A far cry from his pomp when he had an entourage of cunts with him at all times.

I have seen him around twice in the last six months and the limp is gone and the chest is out again. No sign of those yellow pants though. I’d swear he is thinking about running for the aras or something like that.


I saw him at a funeral a few months ago, thought he looked like an old drunk. He was wearing a pair of battered black shoes that looked atrocious.


I’d say there’ll be a wealth of Stories about Bertie’s lifestyle when he dies.
He comes across as living a Benny Hill type lifestyle.


Cowen wasn’t much better. His suit jacket was fierce shabby, covered in what seemed to be little pastry flakes. Cheap deli sausage rolls would be my guess.




I saw Cowen the day of the NZ match in Dublin. Literally propping up the bar in searsons half thrown across it. He was in the presence of a high profile property developer who he definitely wouldn’t have known from his time in politics.




Bumped into this guy one Friday late afternoon / evening in The 51 during the Celtic Tiger years. He was absolutely hammered, randomly approaching groups, pushing his way into conversations and telling everyone in slurred words that he was the next big thing in Fianna Fáil. :laughing:


Certainly in the big time now.


There should be a “Fianna Failers you’ve seen drunk thread” on this forum.


Half the country are FF gene pool . You will be busy.



Great stuff


We are creatures shaped by our past, we can’t help ourselves no more than politicians can help themselves. So be it.


Lapsed poster @Tassotti would be loving this


Proud march the soldiers of the rearguard


The underlings long for order, and by order I mean chaos.

This is Fianna Fail country, the rest of us just get to live in it.


September / October election.