The 'How long will it take for Fianna Fail to get back into power' thread


Fianna Fail almost ruined this country, Michael Noonan has rescued it. I’m a blueshirt convert and I’m damn proud to say so… Fianna fail will never see power again.


Baldy noonan is implementing Brian Lenihans plans. Lenihan saved Ireland




To the victor, the spoils…


Fine gael let the lmf in. They ruined the country.


Enda and the lads are all good mates of JP. I hope that won’t sour your weekend.


Fine Gael sent them on their way, the greatest victory in the history of the state.



You’ll jump any bandwagon going wont you, you windy prick!


Well done to Enda Kenny and Fine Gael.

Fair play to them for sticking to Brian Lenihan’s plan :clap:


How could my weekend be soured mate ? Tom Ryan crushed JP, the country is out of recession and I’m off on a stag for the wekkend!!! Party on MacParty!!! Hiyooooo!!!


Gerry Adams has mugged fianna fail, the Brits and homophobes off today… A terrible night for chewy.


You can’t spell “up the arse” without “Up the Ra”.:clap:


As much as I love Gerry, I think the party could really push on if he stepped aside and a leader not connected with the north and IRA violence took over. One thing is for sure, we are a party on the up.


Very impressive Ard Fheis from Sinn Fein today.


What was more impressive was the number of socially awkward nerdy types in attendance. A lot of them would not have looked out of place on the big bang theory. This surprised me greatly as they did not in any way resemble what i expected a “sinner” to look like.


O’Cuiv is looking out for the small farmers. Interesting proposals for those in the know. Coveney is certainly looking out for the “bigger” farmers.


Baldy seems to be going the same way as Lenihan. Prime time is inviting us to believe that 5 weeks of radiotherapy “didn’t knock a feather” out of a 71 year old man. For jaysus sake, if the North Koreans came out with that kind of shite about Kim Whichever we’d be doubled over laughing.


I didn’t like the fact that he had to get radiotherapy first to shrink the tumour before surgical removal. Radiotherapy not great but hopefully he won’t need chemotherapy


At the same time as the dept trouble shooter leaves


getting back to the thread topic and carefully sifting through the outcome of the recent local elections and the unrest in the labour back benches, we’re talking months before Ireland reopens for business