The 'How long will it take for Fianna Fail to get back into power' thread


Niall Collins hasn’t done himself any favours :rolleyes:


Even by failure standards, he’s a bit of a thick cunt at the best of times.


By doing this entrepreneur a favour he has done himself a serious mischief. The thick cunt. :smiley:


[SIZE=6]FF leader Michael Martin: ‘I’m preparing to be the next Taoiseach – and won’t go into government with Fine Gael’[/SIZE]
Fianna Fail leader Micheal Martin
FIANNA Fail leader Michael Martin[/URL] has this morning ruled out going in to government with [URL=‘’]Fine Gael – and said he is preparing to become the next Taoiseach.

He was speaking to Morning Ireland on Radio One.

He said he is happy with the progress the party is making in rebuilding after its disastrous 2011 General Election result.

“The party is in a much better state than it was, we have made very significant progress in reforming the party.”

He also defended his tenure as Minister for Health, during which he overspent his budget.

“It was a policy, and the correct policy, to make sure patients were treated”, he said.

“We treated far more people during that period, as was correct.”

He disagreed with his former cabinet colleague Mary Hanifan’s analysis that the electorate were not ready to see Fianna Fail in government yet.

“She’s not right and I don’t accept her analysis.

“It’s a very fragmented political landscape, It’s impossible for anybody to predict who is going to come out of the next general election.

“I am preparing to be the next Taoiseach. We are going to prepare very specific ideas and policies and position ourselves in a very clear way.”

While initially he appeared to not rule out a coalition with Fine Gael – stating that as it stands their policies are not compatible.

“It’s a matter for the public to decide. I’ve always said my fundamental litmus test is we have a set of policies we want implemented.

“We’re not happy with Fine Gael’s police. Fine Gael have gone very right wing.

“They seem to have carved out a particular niche for themselves. Low income working families are hurting grievously at the hands of Fine Gael.

However when pressed the Cork TD stated he has ‘ruled out’ the option of coalition with the party.


Deal already done with the Shinners then?
Fianna Féin?
Sinn Fàil?
MaryLou as our new sexy Tànaiste.
Oh my.


If Fianna Fail were back in power I could move home












I know you’ll put no store in the Irish Times take on affairs, lads, but it makes sweet readings for all the dreamers.


@artfoley - your mate Malcolm Byrne is gonna stand for election next time around in Gorey. He’ll get in at a canter I’d say.

They haven’t gone away you know


Its hard to say, Malcolm has never polled as well as he should (pardon the pun) and wasn’t selected in 2007 to run.

He’s also been quangofied

He’s no lorcan Allen either


Indeed - Malcolm gets stuff done. Lorcan is a loudmouth piece of shit.


What shit did Malcolm get done? Lorcan delivered the bypass (mostly through his own land)


Malcolm has a healthy list of achievements up on his website. Allen is a self absorbed prick. Didn’t he once suggest they should put a statue of him in Gorey to thank him for selling his land for the bypass?





A fine kinvara man. RIP.


She made a Kinvara man out of him alright.