The 'How long will it take for Fianna Fail to get back into power' thread


He was the right hand man to evil incarnate. I imagine he’ll warm himself in the fires of hell.


PJ is going straight up pal.


Would you stop, he never went straight in his life


Did his missus have a baby in the last year or two? Some man.


Yeah, 2 or 3 years ago. Fair play to him sure. The wife must be dead nearly 15 years at this stage.



Our greatest leader trusted him


There must be an election in heaven


Even God himself needs a good PR man.


Ooh thats cold man


I actually rewrote it to make it less offensive! Nothing causes my blood to rise like ff and their cronies. I won’t shed crocodile tears for an utter cunt if part of his legacy was fucking ireland over.


Just saw this devastating news, one of the greatest political minds of all time in Irish politics


That’s not saying much…


what shape are we in anyway lads? is a return to power on the cards yet? I am out of touch


I didnt say I disagreed with you. The post just kinda hit me with itd frankness


Afraid not, it will taken Martin to get ousted after an indifferent election before any real recovery will take place.


Or picking decent candidates.


Politics is for mugs and chancers and clever devious fucks


Your Ard Fheis is on live now @Tassotti. Stirring stuff from the sons of destiny.


Desperate stuff from some of the FF lads here - more worried about the recovery of the party than the country - as ever it shows where their priorities lie.


They set us on the path to recovery after the GFC