The "I haven't done a stroke of work today" thread


Signing in.




More like the week for me but yeah, fairly handy day so far.


trying to find a way to escape from this place. there is only so much of the internet you can take. :frowning:


Not a tap.
Kris Kindle shite in a while. I got the boss of course. :mad:


Fucking women and their Kris Kindle. Its a load of shite and should be banned from offices.


Signing in, I’d say I haven’t done a days worth of stuff in the last week.


Mise mé féin


Make it happen. I made sure of it in my place.



A pile of shite, I told them to go fuck themselves when I was asked to take part. When I saw the effort of some of the presents today I only stirred it more about how shite it is. One woman got a Cliff Richard calender, another lad was given a pink g-string. FFS :rolleyes:


Don’t derail this thread, lads. My output in work the last 7 days is running at about 17%. And next week the bosses are off for the few days. Going to sit back, eat sweets and sup on whatever wine is, hopefully, available.


Given the quantity of your posts i’d say you haven’t done a tap all year.


Fucking servers :guns:


4 fucking hours later :guns: :shakefist:


Longest week ever… doing as little as possible now to decide what time to leave tomorrow


Dude, you have no idea!


Yup signing in. Won’t even turn the laptop on today


Where’s the drunk in work thread


I’m doing nothing today.


Whats on fistoffurys avatar? :strokechin: