The "I haven't done a stroke of work today" thread


I had a few midweek pints for the first time in ages last night.
Motivation for work is zero.


Signing in. Only heading to work now. Should be able to shnake in with the early lunch crew. Would it be wrong to head straight for the canteen?


Signing in for today and also in advance of Monday.


Also signing in for Monday!




2 cans on the train in, 2 pints in the 51, a can walking to the ground 2 cans in the ground and slugs of whiskey
home at 11 tho and up at 5 30
erra im grand
no motivation obviously, probably on the verge of a divorce also but what’s new


Just passed a fat lad on the canal. He was fishing and supping cans of Tuborg. He said he was signing in too.



Made it to lunch time. Nearly home time. :smile:


Completed a very sucessful meeting this morning @ 7:30am. In topaz Cashel of all places*. Just had to meet 2 colleagues who were on route to Dublin. As far as work are concerned in gone to Dublin with theeee lads too. Heading off up the town now to purchase some fresh fish from the fish stall on the square. A few pints on the way back, days like this are just heaven.

  • no fucking smart jibes about meetings in a petrol station. It’s called efficiency, and adaptability.


No more in the mood for work today after that match last night.

I am off next week as well which will be good at 5.30 but it means there is pressure to get stuff done right now.

Ah fuck it.


its a day for looking for candidates for the lovely ladies and not quite lovely ladies threads :smile:


I’ve reported you to HR


Signing in

Would have worked from home and spent the day playing xbox or watching netflix only I have to be onsite for a meeting this afternoon.

The day is dragging


Flat out the last few weeks, busiest time of the year. The day fly’s is the only benefit.


Will we be seeing you tomorrow?


I’m calling a halt to all business matters for 2015. Had more pints than planned last night and feel like absolute shite now.


I’m hoping to make a cameo appearance on my way back west. What time is K/O


Around 6.30-7 I think. Hopefully we’ll see u there


Am sat on the couch doing a bit of work from home with Premier League years on in the background, 1999/2000 being the season. Sam Hamann has just left Wimbledon and Stan Collymore is playing with Leicester…