The "I haven't done a stroke of work today" thread


I havent done a tap since advent kicked in


So since the advent of advent?


That’s it pal. Nada, zero, zilch…

Some polish fella had the audacity to ask me a work related question earlier today… I should have pulled the square head clean off the cunt.


Should have “showldered” him straight in the chest


Ah for fuck sake, 40 minutes before the meeting the two attendees in the US ask for it to be rescheduled for the New Year. I’m fucking bulling here!


I bet they’re having beer right now having a right old laugh at the thick paddy over in Ireland they just mugged off.


Far, far busier than I had hoped to be.:rage:


You must be far enough down the chain, horsebox. Any fella worth his salt has the boards wiped by now and has shuffled all the shitty tasks to underlings like yourself.


I’m barely on the chain, bro but they’ve promised to train me up on the till in the new year so I think big things might start happening for me.:ronnyroar:


Why couldn’t you have done the meeting from home in the first place?


Optics as much as anything.

It was with our GM and two directors in the states. Needed to be in the same room as the GM for it


Fair shout. Hate when that type of shit happens


I very nearly did a full 8 hours today. There’s a rampant cunt in my job. He’s kind of HR,general management, every Christmas week he starts to send out disciplinary letters to staff and the bloody fools take heed of him and his spiteful letters.
I had two tearful female colleagues into my office today with silly spurious complaints from him. Both letters dressed up to almost tell them they’d be sacked by lunchtime.
The dirty knacker does it every year around Dec 20/21st.
I’m left to console these colleagues and then write reply letters on their behalf or write them directly and let them sign them.
He’s one miserable cunt.


You’re some cunt preying on vulnerable women this time of year. Do you target single mothers for these letters or just carpet bomb the office?
And then to have the chutzpah to pass it off on some poor lad in HR…unrale. I suppose before you get the women to sign the letters, you drop the pen on the ground beside them to get a good look at their arses, you fuckin deviant.


Nah. My favoured modus operandi is to reduce them to bawling nervous wrecks and then move in for the comforting hug/anal rape.
I’m a real smoothie.


I’m glad I don’t Bulmers Cider :eek:[quote=“Brimmer_Bradley, post:275, topic:15247, full:true”]
Nah. My favoured modus operandi is to reduce them to bawling nervous wrecks and then move in for the comforting hug/anal rape.
I’m a real smoothie.


Are you fucking serious? Have you such a low life cunt working in the office? What part of Tipp is he from?


Shocking stuff in fairness


I tied up all loose ends today, supposed to be finished niw til 6th jan. Then a german cunt mails at 5.30 saying things cant be done. It fucking can just germans and their systems (its apo) but we have a working capital dip end if jan and it needs the be work outside of, ie demand stays as is but production worked around. Have to get on call now in the morning. Seething


He’s originally south. (Wouldn’t you know ) he’s just an evil bitter, bitter man. Any staff with a bit is savvy just ignore him, but there’s always a few that take the bait.
He has way too much time on his hands. Anyway he’ll be retiring by next June, I’ll make his last few months as miserable as possible.
I just reply to his letters in the appropriate, professional manner, and than forward the whole lot on to his manager in head office. It’s pathetic really, but there’s the occasional laugh out of it.
I actually used an often quoted TFK saying earlier today as in " thinly veiled" in one letter.