The "I haven't done a stroke of work today" thread


If hes retiring next year, you’d imagine he’d keep the head down and just fuck off in the summef


Tell Merkel to fuck off kid.


Nah. He’ll want to go out with a bang. He’s generally detested in every part of his life, both his kids, his wife, the vast majority of people that deal with him.
I’m a worst fool right now to be taking about him when I’m not at work. Sure that’s what the cunt wants.
But, before he goes I’ll bombard him with disciplinary letters for his last 6 months. I’ll manufacture a minimum of one incident per week. Head office will be sick to the teeth of him by March. I’ll show him what vindictive is.


He has you badly rattled if your thinking and posting about him on here after work.

Never bring work home or onto the internet with you pal.


I know. I bloody well know @The_Most_Infamous, hard to get away from it at times though. Got a call from another staff member @ 7:00pm !!!
Only thing is though she’s sound and we had a right old laugh and bitch about the whole situation.


Being actually serious here pal, I’d try and avoid bitching about a work colleague to another as much as I possibly can as you generally don’t know the person your bitching to that well, and there’s every chance whatever you say can be passed on to someone else.

I’m sure that girl is sound but you don’t want to land yourself in the unneeded hassle over someone else’s battle either mate.


Would love to kid and if i ever met her i would. @carryharry take note i will call cunts as i see them.
but yerwan in the mirning ill have to play the corporate game, but i will still state their non suggestions is unacceptable. Have a gud one bud


Many happy returns pal!


Ah no, I trust her, whenever I travel for work it’s with her and she’s definitely on my/our side of the fence. She’d fillet this lad if she got half a chance.
There’s nothing like a good old moan and laugh about a situation to change its perspective.


Ah that’s fair enough so pal.


Did you ever fillet her on a work trip pal?


No other sane reason to be traveling frequently with her surely?


Too close to home … never shit on your own doorstep KP. :wink:


It’s all work La, work, work, work.


Cool story bro’


Desk cleared and early exit in the offing :ronnyroar:



I would like to note that I dont believe a word of what has been posted above.


Signing in, I didn’t arrive in here until about 1pm. I can’t bring myself to a tap of work


Take it down, take it down now. Trust me.