The "I haven't done a stroke of work today" thread


What a rookie move


Worst thing was he went to the trouble of cropping stuff off the image. How did he not see it?


Red Cafe is the most embarrassing thing there.


Lads, please.


I used to follow “soccer” in my more ill-informed times.


I don’t believe he’s from Monaghan anymore after seeing his name.


With a name like Brett, you might be on to something.


Go again


I have you now


@Chucks_Nwoko - for future reference, when MBB tells you take an image down, you do it right away rather than leaving it up for 12 mins. He’ll spot things you didn’t even realise were there.


I take that as a compliment Mac :thumbsup:


I have worked every day since 11th January. Deadline is approaching and once that has passed I will not be doing a strong of work today for many a day.


He’s a lot smarter than I had him pegged.


What did you put up you mad cunt? I always miss these. I’ve never put a photo up here without going over it forensically with the Laois Poirot lurking


I had my first pet’s and my mother’s maiden name typed in by mistake.


Thanks for the screen shot, pal. :+1: :grinning:


I haven’t the energy to do fuck all today. I had six pints last and i’m all sluggish all day as a result. I’m operating at about 5%.


I’m fair lazy today and what harm but i have a busy enough week. If i put the head down for a solid 3-4hrs i’d have myself set up for the week good and proper but i just can’t. The sun is shining outside and i don’t want to be here.


Went home for lunch and I no more wanted to come back in for this 2 hour training I have over the phone now. Plus I have to go to Limerick tomorrow!! FML!


What in the fuck is that all about? It sounds all kinds of wrong.