The "I haven't done a stroke of work today" thread


Contract training. Unrale!


I’d a barrel of smithwicks on Sunday and dragged myself into work yesterday.
I’d honestly say the unplugged paper shredder on the floor beside me did more than I did all day.
I wonder how much is lost to industry each year from alcohol induced laziness.


If you take a very conservative estimate that were a 1,000 Brimmers in the same boat yesterday. Take what you are worth and multiply it by 1,000 the cost would run into the hundreds of euros.


The likes of Brimmer and his ilk generally spend their days causing hassle for tax payers so I’d say there was a net economic benefit to Brimmers hangover


I like that thinking @Julio_Geordio. I don’t feel so bad now for shafting my employers.*

  • not that I gave a fuck either way.


Drink away Brimmer old stock


I think you made an error with your figures there @TreatyStones, you left out a few ,0000s. …


lazy lumps like @Brimmer_Bradley are ten a penny in the public service, career dossers who wouldnt work to warm themselves.
the day they come in sick as shit from drink is the day they arent walking round the office doing the office simpleton gig talking utter horseshit and annoying the fuck out of the 2 people in there who are doing all the work.


Right there @HBV buddy.
I spent 2 hours ‘working’ in the union room yesterday between 10:30 am and 12:30.
The only bother with that place is though there’s a sensor light thing that turns the light on automatically when you enter the room since the building was eco upgraded a few years back. No light switches they just come on automatically when you enter the room.
I’ve copped though that if you sit still for long enough the light automatically switches off and people think there’s no one in the room.


I’d say your light went off years ago.


I genuinely LOL’d here. I’m giving that a like.


Was the light ever on ??


Some do nothing but it all balances out in the end because of the efforts of others. I’m incredibly busy making deals. I’m a dealmaker.


You mind yourself @Bandage pal. Don’t run yourself into the ground. It’s all about the long game.
Too many lads burn themselves out by the time they’re 40. That’s no good to anyone, especially your employer.
I’m very cautious not to get sucked into a situation like that.


There is a light that never goes out.


@Bandage is surely well into his 40s already, right?


Lads in their 40s are only fit to work a 3 day week anyway.


Years ! Kid. Years. Not stones weight.


You would think so judging by the amount of deals I’ve made alright. You see, I’m a dealmaker and I make lots of deals.


That must be what has led me to this conclusion.