The "I haven't done a stroke of work today" thread


It’s been a long week. There is still two to go.





No point starting anything new at this stage. Twill be there in the new year!


No point touching anything and breaking it more like.


Am finishing up today and up to my ears but dont give a shit. :grinning:


I’ve managed to do a mornings work either side of an arts and crafts morning in the eldest lads creche. I reckon that’s more than enough for today now as my head is pounding.


I’m ashamed to say I’ve mentally checked out, guys. I’ve had a number of personal and professional upheavals in Q4 this year and I think I’m just out of gas. The only fair thing for me to do is to head off on PTO ASAP, I’m only conning my employer by clocking in today.

One more meeting today and then a business lunch in Dublin 1 tomorrow with @Rocko and @Bandage (and possibly @ClarkeyCat) and that’ll be it.


I’ve been up the walls since September but managed to clear the decks by COB last Thursday. I have a few bits and bobs to do between now and Friday but I’ll struggle to get them done I’d say. I’m mentally on holidays and will just be taking up broadband space for the rest of the week.


great stuff

Happy Christmas old Friend


Many happy returns, my trusted mentor and dear friend.

If there’s any TFK end of year admin stuff that needs doing between now and the end of the week, let me know and I’ll be happy to do it.


I wish i wasnt doing a stroke today. Am suppose to be on holidays but was called in because a developer overwrote a load of tables in the database.


I very nearly had to do an emergency trip to Dublin today but was able to get it sorted remotely. I won’t do a stroke for the rest of the week, finished up tomorrow evening


Finished 8pm on Thursday and off until the 2nd :raised_hands:


Immensely looking forward to tomorrow’s 2017 debrief, BT. I’m off for some early work pints shortly ahead of a late team lunch at 3pm. I’m blessed to have some wonderful colleagues so today should be a splendid occasion also.

I’ve met my objectives for the year and completed all my work related obligations but I won’t switch off until this time on Friday. I’ll be looking to identify where we can eke out marginal gains in 2018 over the next few days.


You need to implement a fool proof policy for this shit. How in the name of Rajesh did a developer run a delete command in a production environment?


I think you need to look a little deeper into that post. I suspect

was called in because a developer overwrote a load of tables in the database.

loosely translates into

was called in because a developer clogged one of the toilets and I had to unblock it


Just get @ChocolateMice back. The miserable fucker.


You apologised to Shane lowery :-0


I’ve found a second wind. I’m knocking it out of the park this morning.