The "I haven't done a stroke of work today" thread


Signing in. And for tomorrow as well


Signing in for the remainder of the day.


Signing in


How’s the head today pal?


Not great horse. I’m in Dunnes in Thurles at the moment. I could send in a container of Nutella here and not even notice


Ah sure pints were earned last night


Not a stroke. Not a fucking stroke lads. Treated myself to a snack box at Barack Obama plaza (c.c @caulifloweredneanderthal)


Tub o curry with that? You’d want a few pints tonight to keep things steady


Oh we got the curry as well. No pints tonight chief. Early start. Need to be in Dublin for 9 for a sales meeting


You’ll own that meeting pal


Nothing to beat a few drinks the Monday evening after a championship game .


I won’t. I’ll be in the corner picking the starting 15 v Cark


How sad


Lads bragging about dossing work in the middle of July.


Why sure you’ve been dossing work for 20 odd years I’d say


Sure half the lads here are doing no work at all in July


Kilmallock is great for that. With the mart on the Monday as well. A few North Cork lads in for the craic.


@iron_mike @Robert_Emmet @dodgy_keeper etc

Any work done at all this week boys?


As opposed to another week?


Not a fucking stroke chief