The "I haven't done a stroke of work today" thread


Signing in.

Out the gap @ Half 12 :stuck_out_tongue:


They’ll be no work done today.


Why that?


Approx 100 lead acid batteries caught fire. Sprinklers kicked in. Most of the building is under a foot of water.




I’m happy out here. I’m hoping to be sent home in the next 2 hours


Sent home. I think I will head in to town.


Would you not help clean up the mess you made no?




Good to see the Business Continuity Plan kicking in.


Running out of things to google here.


Signing in.


Signing in. Should maybe also be in the “Early Risers” thread.


What time did you start work?




Very early to be signing in. Sure you’d barely have your screen turned on and a cup of coffee made within the first hour.


Get in early and home early.


Any lad busy at work today and tomorrow has failed to prepare in a big way


I’ll be doing well to make myself look busy between now and Half 4…


Throw on a tape of the 73 final there.