The "I haven't done a stroke of work today" thread


I’d a hoor of a day yesterday for the sole purpose of keeping today and tomorrow quiet. Sitting in Vincent’s at the moment keeping a friend company who’s in for chemo. Out for pints with a few work lads later. And then show the face tomorrow for an hour or two before packing up and on the road by lunchtime. Any work done before I finish will be purely coincidental as I’m already in Xmas mode - technically robbing my employer but I couldn’t give a shit.


I’ts gotten to the stage where I having nothing left to do apart from update the NAP league :laughing:



About fucking time


I’m tearing into it now so I am.


Working this weekend. Can already see this being useful!


Good lad. Show us how terrible we are :joy:


Some tough enough ones ---- had a quick scan and got 5/6 straight away - wouldnt have the patience for the rest.


I just got them all with that one



Give me a shout for tea at 3pm






Any Peter Beardsley lookalikes around there today? Around 40 mark, smokes like a chimney?


I’m back from the tea now :sleepy:


Working from home today. Lashed out a few emails this morning and went back for a nap :clap: I’d say I’m still ahead of where I am a lot of days


Iv’e spent most of the day trying to find a way to cash out a one4all voucher :rofl:

A 300 euro voucher will go a fair way on Stephens Day :pint::ronnyroar:


Sell it to the parents for shopping. All the supermarkets take em




No they dont. I had this problem a month ago.

Dunnes, Tesco & the germans do not.

Supervalu, Centra & Spar take them