The "I haven't done a stroke of work today" thread


And you’re losing half of it’s value in supervalue…the robbing cunts… Your best bet is if someone you know is planning to buy a few bits in the sales. Take a 50 Euro hit on it to be rid of it.


12 minutes to go :ronnyroar:


we’re here till 4-30pm pal


Boots offers on razors etc is a handy use for it.

And O’Briens off-licence for a good bottle


You must have me confused with someone else, at least I hope you do!


Buy so thí g of 300 value get a refund


Will they refund as cash though?


I used to do it with 500 one for all. They can’t put it on the card and they have to refund you. It’s your right. Your entitled. Your entitlement.


Harvey Normans be the place to go. Buy something for 300 they always refund me cash nó Bollix acting.


Had an awful resentment coming in to work this morning after being off the last week. My mood improved immediately as my bonus was waiting for me on arrival at my desk. Selection Box was even in-date. Hup.




In since 5 this morning, and the same tomorrow and Sunday. Not one solitary stroke done though


In. Fucking hell, roll on 5 bells so I can stop this pretending.


Have you the Liverpool jersey on in work today bro?


I’ve an Alan Hansen t-shirt on under my shirt and Jan Molby socks on. Load of the fucking micks in here are looking at me funny when I ask them how badly do they want to smash the mancs later.


It’s the biggest January game I can remember.

Title Thursday.


Biggest EPL game since Liverpool -Arsenal in 1989


Ah lads as has been pointed out you can’t win the league in January.


Up since 6, kids fed, scrubbed and deposited in good time, despite having to return home for the wee girl’s violin. Afterwards I dropped into a discount store to purchase some of the clip-top kilner jars they’ve been selling for the very low price of £1.49! Unfortunately they’re sold out, but I did purchase four one litre kilner bottles instead-for sloe gin and home brew, £1.79 apiece. I see they’re about a fiver each on amazon. I also picked up six cans of maltsmiths lager for 69p per can. Some would baulk at being seen buying alcohol at such an early hour, such people lack humility.
My last piece of business was to visit a coffee shop, with the reusable cup I was given at Christmas. The first coffee was FOC.
I’ll make a start now. Work smarter, not harder.
It’s a great life if you don’t weaken.


Fatigue is the killer mate. It’s about trying to minimise that as much as possible.