The “I only read the Daily Mail for the photos” thread


Bianca Kmiec - a grand girl



She looks like something that was inflated.


She’s got a very strong jaw line, quite masculine


The saying is “ dug out of her “. Not lifted 100m’s into the air to her. :man_facepalming:






Go smoke a fag Harry


I’m off them Mike. You’re welcome for the heads up there. :+1:


If you think that’s masculine you must be seriously into the Catriona Perry chinless-type bird


Have to agree,



+1, if a pin was stuck in her you’d fear for her.


Not sure thats how it works mate.


Looks like a good proportion of her is made of


Fake and coloured in.
She probably comes with a bicycle pump. I’m always amazed at the type of women some lads are attracted to


Anybody want to tap in this open goal?


Ok. I suppose that’s the way it’s gone these days


No mate

That’s not it



Can’t believe I’ve missed it


I’m on it pal

[QUOTE=“HBV*, post: 6918, member: 234”]leftie waster Ivana Bacik.
Camden Street around 12.30 today
above on a bike with a small sprog on the back.
absolutely rideable.[/QUOTE]