The “I only read the Daily Mail for the photos” thread


Taylor Cole



Samantha Hoopes of SI


Oh my.




Nipples are pointing in different directions. One is up and the other down. Once you see it it’s mesmerising


@myboyblue has anything caught your eye at the Hockey World Cup?


Christ you must be some creep. Your county into an all Ireland semi final and you want to creep on some young one on the Internet.


You must have lost a fortune this week? Lashing out everywhere :joy:


On the night when Monaghan inflicted a humiliation on Kerry you will surely allow @Chucks_Nwoko to seek enjoyment by engaging on a bit of voyeaurism on a few hockey ladies . It is revenge for Hilda Moriarty’s snubbing of Patrick Kavanagh . @AppleCrumbled


The hockey World Cup is on?


You think he’d be out with some friends celebrating.


He could well be .


It’s 9am :rofl:

Oh wait sorry lads… I’m just about to do half a gram off a hookers arse in the Scruffy Murphy jacks. This is living!


Yet you want some photos of a hockey team? You are incredibly insecure.


I’m making it up mate. You’re familiar with made up stories, yes?


I still believe there’s hope for @AppleCrumbled as a poster, despite recent meltdowns. I won’t abandon him.


I’m not so sure. That anti-cork tirade last weekend, then losing the farm on the Galway races, and a bizarre attack on the Galway football team management to finish the week have me worried for his mental health.


We’ve all had tough weeks, Chucks. He’ll be grand after the AI final.


I hope so, i really do.


Why did you bring a hooker to scruffy Murphys?