The “I only read the Daily Mail for the photos” thread


she’s a pretend hooker, so it’s completely acceptable.


Is scruffy Murphy’s still goin?


Would you not pay back all that money you owe to the people you used to employ?


It’s nearing the end. Due for redevelopment in '19 I believe.


I would if I owed any, pal :wink:


Is Durty Nellie’s gone too? I heard cock n bull was demolished also


It is a pity. You come on here boasting about blowing money on hookers and you destroyed many families and their childrens lives for not paying what you owe. I’m not sure how you can sleep at night.


Durtys under new ownership as an upmarket cocktail bar. Bull demolished last month. Ground floor retail and 30 units going up.


But they were pretend hookers! I’m not sure how much you lost this week but i, @Chucks_Nwoko - the online persona, am not the enemy.


Lost this week? What are you on about?


Is the Courthouse in Taylor Square still going? That place was a right dump -the club across the way T2 that used open at 8am on a Sunday morning


still going but doesn’t get much of a crowd. The lockout laws have impacted a lot of bars on Oxford street so the spillover into the Courthouse isn’t as profound. Still a shithole.


What are the lockout laws about?


I don’t want to derail this noble thread but, in short, (knee-jerk) restrictions on licensing hours aimed at curbing “anti- social” behavior and violence.


Not wanting to derail either - but are they working? What shithole Irish bars are left now for the noble Irish backpacker? Durtys gone, bull gone, scruffys going…pj o Brien’s, the tea gardens, the mercantile the only few shitholes remaining from my time


Minka Kelly :heart_eyes:


PJs gets the CBD professionals. Teas and Mercantile still going strong. coach and horses in Randwick is a roaster hotspot and Jimmys is a new one towards Clovelly that has filled the Bull void.

No the laws have been widely criticised and are due for review in 2019 I believe/think.


Those bars must have made an absolute fuckin fortune since the mid 90’s


Is Shaylee Wilde still goin in the Mercentile on a Sunday evening?


Unfortunately, yes.