The “I only read the Daily Mail for the photos” thread


Rhian is a grand girl


That tramp stamp on her ankle is like someone has graffitied on the corner of a jack yeats.


That’s mad how the Paparazzi just happened to be going by at the time when she looks at her best.


Ah no mate, I’d say those are staged.


Fine healthy looking article. I’d say she could stand a day footing turf the very best


Why are you looking at her ankles you weirdo


She even has ankles for God’s sake


his ankle fetish is putting a sprain on his marriage


I’d say you’d stand in the rain watching the taut on her hamstrings as she picked up another few sods.


She’s enough to give a man impure thoughts


It’s his Achilles heel





January Jones :heart_eyes:


95% sure she’s posted to death in the auld birds thread. X men actress wan


Yes you posted her not so long ago in that. I say you could be in stage 3_4 obsession.


I’d even leave tfk for her pal.


It doesn’t look like January Jones. Where’d you get the pic?

This is her in May 2018.


She’s a beautiful chameleon man.


Go on give us the link.

EDIT Just saw it on Instagram. Doesn’t look like herself at all there.