The “I only read the Daily Mail for the photos” thread


one eye looking at you, one eye looking for you


Cassie Stokes. Tv3 presenter and former assistant to esteemed Limerick man Vincent Browne. She kicks with the left foot.





That’s because of our superior puck out strategy. Hard to keep up.


Drinks from the furry fountain or is CoI?


Oh my



Her parents are from Tipp


is that a pair of ditch lickers?


fun girls


You’re starting at the women early today.


Don’t worry, one will let you at her eventually.


Carpet munchers


I refer to male members of the scarf wearing community as funboys and female members as fungirls

where’s the misogyny there?

and shouldn’t you be off plotting to assassinate Clinton as a heretic now shes querying immigration?


as their fag hag




Is that one of the Black Friday deals on offer?


@AppleCrumbled you might want to spoiler those pics as some lads are in work


Somebody needed to grab the bull by the horns and get the thread back on track.


Spoiler that for fuck’s sake.