The Ian Bailey is innocent thread

I always thought Bailey was innocent and that he was a perfect fall guy for the Gardai. Blame the tan. Then I heard the podcast. If Bailey had just kept schtum I’d probably still think the same. The burning of clothes, the doubts over where he was that night, the history of hitting women, the drink induced rage… his answers to the accusations.


He’s a confirmed twicer tbf. I’d say he have implicated himself tbh. He loves the attention.

At the same time she pitched herself into the middle of the investigation. By her own testimony she is the only one claiming to be in the vicinity of the crime that night.
I would question if she ever passed that road that night.

Did she ever give up who was in the car with her that night?

Did she not claim that whoever it was is now deceased? Could be another one of her lies.

Marie Farrell identified a man very close to the scene and in the window of the time being committed.

The guards then tell her to change description of the person she saw to make it look like it was Ian Bailey.

And all lads can do is focus on the woman involved….


So, now, twenty five years on she has an epiphany and fingers this mysterious Frenchman she sees in a photograph procured by her paymaster and fellow publicity whore Jim Sheridan. I wonder was the fellah in the snap wearing a beret with a string of garlic around his neck. I feel a small tinge of sympathy for Bailey, him having been the “victim”, if I can put it like that, of this fantasist Farrell’s antics.
I think he killed Sophie alright, no doubt in my mind from the very beginning. A freakish set of circumstances has enabled him to get away with it, so far. I can’t believe Drew Harris has sanctioned this wild goose chase to Paris based solely on this wan’s demented ramblings.

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I reckon you are right, mainly because of the utter bollox about killing the turkeys. Nobody seems to be contradicting the fact he was covered in scratches and gouges.
I also don’t believe any kind of a professional would chase her down a country lane and hit her with a block.
That said, there is no hard evidence against bailey, and never will be. He will never be tried.

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I know a writer who could contribute

I recently came across an interesting thread on Reddit about a neighbour of Sophie’s, Alfie Lyons. Very strange how he was very quickly brushed off as not being a suspect.

He was at home with the wife…

There was no clear cut evidence to eliminate him from my reading of the case.

He lived next door, like not even 100 yards I’d say. He was in the vicinity when she was murdered. He was the second person on the scene after his partner Shirley Foster. He knew Sophie for several years and was the only person known to have had quarrels with her over a number of issues.

On the other side there isnt any real evidence to link him directly to the murder, no known history of violence (but had his issues with Gardai, supplying/growing drugs which I’d assume Sophie was aware of), he knew Sophie but probably only as an acquaintance. As a FYI, he has passed on in recent years I believe.

She’s suing Netflix. For what I don’t know.