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In this gender fluid, ultra PC world, I’m sure you could swing it that you feel your cattle are like your children and you want to use your parental leave to look after them.


Ah the likes of my contract are gone now. Most new staff are in on yellow pack contracts. Re the union thing. It’s a lot of hassle and politics at times. You have to be available to all staff at all times and deal with cunts you despise. Having said that though the time off is a fair bonus.


Mate, if you go for one of those jobs in Limerick we could car pool. I’d have you down there for ten and we’d be home by half five.


If you can somehow supply me with hi speed wifi throughout the entire journey and you dont mind listening to me roaring at injuns then I think we have a deal.


We got hit with an attempted random ware attack in work last Monday. IT are still attempting to fix things but we’ve no internet for a week



How are ye still down if it was “attempted” ?
Did it actually successfully encrypt files?


Would ye not go down and buy a big bag of internet to keep ye going?


Sounds like the IT guy is absolutely shitting himself. Probably fucked something up big style and is using “an attack” to cover his tracks.

The cunt probably has a pile of internet in his press at home.


Hard to say if it encrypted anything. They have to do everything through DPER and central civil service IT, so the delay may well be bureaucracy. They were all in over the weekend and it’s all still down.

Took a pic of the internet and it’s working

All services including email and case management system are working with no downtime


So basically your public service colleagues can do their day job but are unable to arse around on the internet?


Can’t do any legal research or look up COI. So all we can do is send nonsense emails, draft proceedings and send emails. Anything complicated comes in and were fucked!


Alot of ramsome ware need internet access after infecting the host before encryption of files start. They can wait for up to a day before kicking off fully, hence cutting internet.


A week seems excessive though?


Sure I’d tell the cunts the same. Imagine the look on their faces.


Teach um a lesson.

Gave a security awareness course to a few select users a couple of weeks ago. Including a detailed section on how to spot phising / malicious emails.

Half an hour after the course got a call from a user that she had a funny looking login screen in front of her after she clicked a link in an email to open an “invoice”.



It’s a lifetime in the modern world.


Should we inform @artfoley of the real Zinger here? If they have any public sector clients this is considered a breach of data security and the commissioner can impose an automatic 1 million euro fine.


Art Foley is public sector :smile:

A pretty serious department too to be having a data breach.





Anything complicated comes in and were fucked!

Nothing new there so.