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Think that applies to all tfkers!


Sure our case mgmt system is so shit we can’t access our clients details most of the time :smile:


Bangalore office evacuated today due to ‘violence’. :fearful:


You’d want your head examined outsourcing anything to India


You would is right.

I spent a few minutes on Saturday night explaining to a small company owner that he made a huge mistake by outsourcing all his QA work to India. He reckoned he was saving thousands per month. At what cost I told him.


excess 4/5?



The Standard in the IT industry is to get 20 days annual leave.




They go home and spend the leisure time holed up on the Internet. They barely notice the difference


After the year 2000 computers started managing themselves. We go in and make sure the power and cooling is at comfortable levels for them and they agree to keep up the charade.


Would you ever just shut down a server for the craic?
Wait until you get a few calls, and then just boot it back up again.


What hijinks ye boys do get up to!


What tricks do you pull to justify a capital budget for the next year?


I do actually. I’d tell the exec that we’re being targeted in a DDoS attack from Kerry and if none of us panic it will go away by itself.


I believe computers became self aware about 2 years ago. Fortunately like all computer types they’ve done nothing since but online gaming, catching pokemon and shunning human contact.


I reckon my HP Elitebook 8460 is more self aware than the spotted geek who sits diagonally behind me here. The cunt has been hitting his pen off the desk and tapping is feet for the past 20 minutes.


I thought he’d gone to tanland to buy a car?



This fella wouldnt find second gear on a car not to mind going to UK for one.


Internet back up and running but we’re restricted to whitelist sites which is as useful as a chocolate teapot.

What’s the IT view on passcodes on network printers I.e. put in code before your job is released yea or nay