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I have a tablet which has seen its sole purpose for the last 18 months acting as a radio in the kitchen.


Wireless signals penetrating the food before and after cooking Dan?

Holy fuck, you’re slowly but surely killing your family.


The wife’s cooking will get us first I’d say


Jaysus, I can picture it now. The wife arrives home every evening after work to Dan thrown down on the couch with the Racing Post and empty cans all over the floor, “what shit are you giving me for dinner tonight?”


Go fuck yourself. I don’t drink cans. Bottles only


And the same cunt was lecturing us a while ago about the dangers of microwaving food.



Take a bow mate…

PS: She is in some nick for a 39 year old


To me that smacks of laziness and a lack of ambition. Sitting there for 13 years changing poxy passwords or telling someone to restart their computer. Fuck sake 98% of people that go into those types of jobs move onwards and upwards after a year or 2.


Jez Taz… it might have been a bit more sensitive if you had PM’d @The_Runt directly.


Fucker, look what you made me do.


I don’t know how to break this to you but you seem to be operating at the same level as Horsebox, only slower.



Ah fuck.

You’ll get a shit load of head shots for this.


Unfortunately I’m pretty sure no one else opens this thread


:clap: Great minds…


This wannacry ransomware attack is pretty huge. Seems to have tapered off now after a very basic oversight by the creators was exposed.

Given the scale of the attack and the amount of machines infected I think it’s unlikely many will get their machines unlocked. Will be lots of admins praying they have good backups.


Be careful what you claim. Sophos were running this on their website until over the weekend. :grinning:


I’d say that’s doing the rounds with your fellow IT colleagues and it is cracking ye all up. Hardehar.



deary me


This was bound to happen eventually. Lazy IT teams running super old OS systems and being as slow as possible installing important updates. Spectacular kick up the hole. Magnificent.


I got something similar in a spec today