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“Do you mind the smell of curry when you are tucking into your morning weetabix”
“Can you handle being lied to day upon day about the progress of a task?”
“How do you feel about prolonged periods of awkward silence whilst chairing a conference call?”


What are the IT professionals thoughts on the massive systems failure experienced by BA this weekend? A simple power failure or something more sinister? Back up power supply is a basic requirement. I find it hard to believe that there wasn’t a system back up.


Some IT fella forgot to put 50p in the meter.


Haven’t read much about it, but it would be a major fuck up if something as simple as a power failure was able to bring down critical infrastructure. I’ve heard a lot of the Air traffic control hardware and software is many years out of date, but in most cases it will cost them too much to upgrade it.


Wasn’t this BT debacle based in India. Tata Consulting or something? Hilarious as long as you’re not impacted in any way.
Good way to absolutely destroy thousands of holidays. LowCostHolidays-esque.

When I heard it first I assumed it was more WannaCry Ransomeware. I’m assuming all fee paying members of the IT Guild are being absolutely crucified about patching in the last 2 weeks.


is trending


Outsourcing is what happens when the beancounters get too much power. This is another good news story for IT pros.


And when the IT systems get too little power


Have seen it happen before where there was a upgrade scheduled on power going into a building, everything was supposedly checked and double checked and all was good to go. A few hours into the upgrade the back up generators ran out of fuel. No one checked the how much fuel was in the generators. Complete system outage. :grinning:


I’m in the market for a new tablet/ipad type contraption chaps is there any out there that the IT experts amongst us here would recommend? Just something for streaming/browsing is all it will be used for, probably playing football manager too.


That’s what QA people are employed to do. Sack the QA manager.


First I’ve heard. Wouldn’t surprise me if some of these crowd are still using AS400 back ends



Seems the issues occured in a UK data centre manned by UK based staff.

You owe Vishal and Javendar an apology


Yeah, but still… I’m sure Ajays hands aint clean…


Ah lovely




You’d get a grand Samsung android one for decent price on amazon. Would pick up a grand android one for under a ton if you weren’t picky about a brand


Under a ton? I’m thinking i’ll get an ipad altogether.


How much is an iPad these days? I bought the mother a Samsung galaxy for Xmas it cost 150 quid or something. I wouldn’t be spending much on them anyways