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@Ambrose_McNulty have you ever considered or used a cloud based alternative to Active Directory ?


We’re moving AD into Azure in the next while, hot standby not full migration.

Going to use it for DPM backups too, it’s expensive shit and I hate their pricing model. You have to buy credits and see how you go.





What are we?
Information gathering platforms to target advertising at you
What do we want?
All your information.
When do we want it?
We already have it

Actually did you see they’ve admitted recently that your phone is listening to you? They laughed at us when we said it


Governments must be laughing. Probably spent decades trying to figure out how to conduct large scale surveillance on the population. Turns out they didn’t have to lift a finger, people will actually pay for the privilege of having their every action stored and analyzed and all they want in return is a dog filter.


I know it’s all part of the general move towards touchscreen UIs, but I find Edge a particularly disagreeable piece of shit.


It’s fuckin terrible.
I’ve given it a few goes but invariably I will come across a website where I can’t log in or use some function because of Edge.


I pretty much only ever use IE for a site I know isn’t going to work in Chrome (typically a remote VPN login). Tbh I haven’t gotten past the car-crash UX for Edge to know how it handles those, but it doesn’t sound promising. Mr Google can continue to figure me out from my browsing history for the time-being.


Windows 10 and Edge leave Google in the ha-penny place when it comes to harvesting user information, so there’s no gain there either.


I see Uber were hacked last year exposing the details of 57m customers & drivers, but instead of informing the authorities they paid the hackers 100k to give them back the data.

What a fuck up of a company they are.


Surely illegal? How do they know the hackers didn’t just keep the details anyway?


They got assurances from them they’d delete it. If you can’t trust a bunch of hackers who can you trust?

It’s completely illegal and pretty illogical to cover up something like that. From an article I read last night, in the US the only way you can be directly liable for a security breach is if you don’t give notification of the breach after finding out.

This is another uber practice that was revealed recently, basically they were able to gather the details of various Transport Officials in cities in which they were operating on shaky ground and blacklist them on the app. So if they tried to hail an uber for a sting operation, no car would pick them up.


Some boyo’s. Must be up there with the least ethical companies in the World.


They promised :slight_smile:


No way I’d trust them, unless it was a pinky promise


Was it a cryprolocker? A HP Ireland CEO had his laptop compromised and they had to pay the fine to unlock it. The hackers then sent him a customer satisfaction survey afterwards :smile: These boys are pros.


They got credentials for an Uber AWS account from some bit of code one of their engineers posted on GitHub. They went snooping on AWS and found an unencrypted database with the details on it.

Them ransomeware boys are gas, I came across another one where they were charging $300 to unlock your machine, but if you forwarded on their malicious email and got 2 more people infected they would reduce the charge to $150 :smile:


You have to admire these boys.


Viral marketing