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A customer sat survey! Probably asked for his phone number to have a customer service agent call him back.


Seriously, these guys run slick operations, some crowds offer a discount if you leave them positive reviews on forums.


Hacking isn’t illegal in Russian. You have office blocks of hacking companies over there in Moscow making fortunes out of this without any fear of reprisal.


Very little coverage of this over here. Potentially huge.

Basically if Verizon or whoever partner with say Netflix, they could give them increased download speeds while throttling the likes of Amazon.

Internet service providers have been complaining for years that Netflix, Facebook, Google etc. don’t pay them a cut when they provide the platform. It is possible under this legislation that if every US internet provider decided they were limiting Netflix that you wouldn’t be able to access it in the US. It could be game over for Netflix overnight or else Netflix will have to cough up or choose a preferred provider or something. Interesting times.

I’d say there are very few involved in the repeal who actually understand the potential implications or if they do they’ve been bought off. Trump seems to want to repeal it, largely because Obama brought in laws protecting it.
Unlikely they’d go to the extreme of say blocking Netflix, but very possible that they could block Netflix unless you pay an extra tenner for a “Netflix package”.
They are all saying they won’t do anything like that, but they would say that wouldn’t they. They already have packages which exempt certain services from data limits for example.
The potential for abuse is gigantic, even just the implications for censorship if nothing else. New York Times criticises Verizon and they block the page etc.


Ah lovely. :clap:


I’d say there’s a mandatory quota.


What a pain in the hole

In January 2018, HP announced a worldwide voluntary safety recall and replacement program for certain notebook computer and mobile workstation batteries. The potentially affected batteries were shipped with specific HP ProBook (64x G2 and G3 series, 65x G2 and G3 series), HP x360 310 G2, HP ENVY m6, HP Pavilion x360, HP 11 Notebook Computers and HP ZBook (17 G3, 17 G4, and Studio G3) Mobile Workstations sold worldwide from December 2015 through December 2017.


Best way to convert a PDF to a word document?


There’s a few free converters but they are fairly shit. You’d have to pay up for a decent one I’d imagine.



This is incredible


That has to be absolute bollocks. How can a micro chip be used in a stealth attack. It would have to have its own network interface to get data out. Microchips are for processing, pure compute. I call bollocks


That’s how Apple discovered it. Strange network activity from the servers.


So the chip hooked into an existing network interface to send packets out?


Read the article!


The IT crowd in my workplace are an awful shower of stubborn cunts. Was looking to get a PC re domained and they made it out to be a big job and they wouldn’t have time to do it for at least a week. When they did eventually do it I’d say it say done in 10 minutes.




You have to remember what you’re dealing with here, kid. Mainly social misfits with little to no social skills who were most likely bullied the whole way through school. This is their revenge on society at large.


Theres an art to it kid. Everything is a week minimum


My PC is giving me a lot of trouble today. I’ve tried rebooting it twice and it’s still not working right. I’m all out of ideas.