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What’s the disk space situation?


Have you tried Firefox?


You’ll need to defraggle your motherdisk.


Your Political Correctness? :laughing:


Have you tried it with a mallet up your hole?


It’s fucked


Have you tried VLC player?


We’re back in business.


I knew it was worth a try.


Anyone affected by this Microsoft Office365 MFA outage?
Gone since 4am and still no resolution.


Yes, only turned on the fucking thing about four months ago.


Some dose. It must be something major. Over 12 hours now and still no fix. It must affect pretty much all the top companies in the world.
You could turn it off but not sure if it will cause all apps etc to need to re-authenticate/new app passwords etc when you turn it back on.


you’d need to be able to authenticate to go in and turn it off in the first place.


Are you completely locked out?
I’ve trusted networks setup so that you can log in without MFA from those.


Ya, massive fuck up. I couldn’t give a fuck though. This could be their blackberry moment.


I’m locked out on one account, not the other. Both have the same setup.


It only checks every 14 days or so.


I’ve parsed all the logs through an analyzer and it looks like they need to turn the MFA server off and on again.


the azure datacenter operative needs to stick his thumb up his hole


He’s finally done it and sure enough it fixed the issue