The Ivor Callely dismissal thread

Anyone else would be arrested for such carry-on. :angry: This country cannot afford brazen fraudsters like this running the country.

O’Donoghue had to resign for being extravagant with public money, this cunt should be sacked for stealing it (twice). How many more frauds against the exchequer is this creep going to be allowed to perpetrate?

Get out you cunt Calelly. Shame on Brian Cowan for not kicking this guy out.

Callely must really know something about the top brass in FF. It makes no sense whatsoever that he’s given any time to consider his position.

I presume he’ll be gone in a few days anyway but the cunts will spin this as a sad day and a politican getting hounded out of his office etc. Someone with a bit of balls in the Gadaí should be making a call here.

Mammy O’Rourke already to the fore in doing so today.
Gardaí :huh: :lol:

We need fucking examples made of these cunts. 12 months for every fraudent claim he made. To be served consecutively, not this concurrent shite.

And as for that fat dwarf Gilligan in Portlaoise. Fuck him down the stairs a few times. Cut off the electricity to his cell in the middle of a Dubs match. Make him do hard time. You’ve the likes of him and the Tosser Meehan calling the screws to get them ice cream at 11pm at night. Who’s running the prisons anyway?

I only heard a bit on the radio news and some gimp of a one from some party was saying he wasnt answerable to anyone, only his conscience. FFS. he’s answerable to a whole fooking country the prick.

Twas Mary O’Rourke I think. Has more come out about him since the last time or whats happened now? Missed the main part of the story.

He was been found out for submitting fake invoices to claim over 3k worth of mobile phone allowances.

All very well lads, and I’d love to see the cunt taken off the public payroll, but I’m fairly sure no mechanism exists for dismissing a member of the Seanad (I stand open to correction on that). His political career is effectively over now, FF will never select him to run for the Dáil or get him into the Seanad again. Therefore, they don’t really have any hold over him. He has nothing to lose really by sticking around, so I’d imagine he’ll stay around and collect his salary (and expenses of course) for the rest of the lifetime of this Dáil. Then we’ll be rid of the prick for good.

yerrah get down off your soap boxes ye shower of cunts :angry:

If in a position of power, I would rob the place silly in the manner of a white Thomas Jefferson Johnson.

As suggested by Braz above it seems there is no mechanism for removing a senator from the Seanad. They are legally entitled to hold their position until the next general election, the only matter that would cause them to be removed is if they were declared bankrupt. A farcical situation.

John Ellis will just get the Taoiseach to bail him out anyway.

The cunt will probably still be able to collect a nice fat pension as well.

How are the Gardai not investgating this little Cork runt. if anyone else submitted expenses similar to he has, they would have been sacked and would have probably have a court case pending. Absolutely disgusted with this behaviour, maybe to get some movement there should be an investigation of all expenses submitted by all members of Dail Eireann for the last 5 years, I bet that would put a few cats amongst the pigeons. Robbing bastards the lot of them. :angry:

He’s a Dub I thought?

No he has been adopted by our Cork brethren. :smiley:

SENATOR IVOR Callely has brought “shame and disgrace” on Fianna Fáil and should be expelled from the party, according to long-serving TD and former minister Mary O’Rourke.

Mr Callely claimed almost €3,000 from the Oireachtas for the purchase of mobile phones and related services from a company which the Companies Registration Office records show had ceased trading.

“I don’t know how you put a person out of the party, but all I know is he’s bringing shame on the party by his carry-on and the antics of him, and we don’t know what is next,” Ms O’Rourke said.

“He is bringing shame and disgrace on the party . . . he should be just expelled from the party.”

Ms O’Rourke added that she believed Mr Callely was “completely isolated”.

A senior Fianna Fáil source said Ms O’Rourke had said what everyone else in the party was thinking. A Fianna Fáil spokesman said the party had no comment.

Mr Callely, who resigned the Fianna Fáil whip in June, could not be reached for comment yesterday.

Green Party chairman Dan Boyle, who is deputy leader of the Seanad and a member of the committee that ruled against Mr Callely in a recent travel expenses investigation, said he could not be removed from office. Mr Boyle called on Mr Callely to consider his position at the weekend.

“He can’t be removed from office. It’s either a choice for him or action being taken elsewhere by other agencies,” he said yesterday.

Denis O’Donovan, from Bantry, Co Cork, said there was a “strong possibility” the Committee on Members Interests of Seanad Éireann could be reconvened to investigate the matter. “I’m conscious of the fact if we were asked to reconvene, any comment might prejudice my position.”

However, another committee member, speaking on the basis of anonymity, said on Sunday: “What is alleged . . . should be a matter for the gardaí”.

A Garda spokesman said: “We do not wish to make any comment on named individuals.”

Oireachtas documents show Mr Callely was paid €2,879.64 in November 2007 under a mobile phone reimbursement scheme and a “direct purchase scheme”, to purchase telephone hardware and insurance, for which invoices relating to three separate 18- month periods in 2002, 2003 and 2005 were submitted together.

The invoices, referring to the purchase of Nokia mobile phones, car-kit installation and other costs, were on headed notepaper of Business Communications Ltd.

The Companies Registration Office records show this company, with an address in Fairview, Dublin, filed its last annual return in 1993, had a liquidator appointed in 1994 and was later officially dissolved.

Meanwhile, the Fianna Fáil mayor of Galway Michael Crowe said Mr Callely should resign from the Seanad immediately.

“He has brought our party to the forefront of the public mind for all the wrong reasons. Whilst he is no longer a member of the Fianna Fáil parliamentary party, he’s still a member of Fianna Fáil and that’s an issue.”

Mr Callely was appointed to the Seanad by former taoiseach Bertie Ahern. He lost his Dáil seat in the 2007 general election, having resigned his minister of state position in 2005 over having had his house painted for free, in the 1990s, by a building company.

The Constitution states: “Every member of Seanad Éireann shall, unless he previously dies, resigns, or becomes disqualified, continue to hold office until the day before the polling day of the general election for Seanad Éireann next held after his election or nomination.”

Am I reading this correctly, is Dan Boyle saying listen Ivor resign from the senate and nothing more will be said or else if you don’t resign ya can expect a visit from the local law enforcement agency?

I hope I am reading this wrong because this little cunt of a man should be kicked out of the senate and also should be investigated by the gardai on fraud and if there are any other charges that could be investigated then is should be done? Also if the little cunt knows where the bodies are buried then let him sing like a canary. About time these fuckers in government realised they are not above the law.

Absolutely. Resigning should be the first step here not the end of the road. Fucking shameful cunt.

The kind of thing of fake invoices and bogus expense claims is widespread in the private sector or was anyway pre GFC. All it takes is to be mates with the person signing off your expenses and you are sound. Lads i knew were boozing and getting their lunches paid off in London. There was a KPMG code for taxis in Dublin that mates of mine used use after they had left that fine organisation to go home from Coppers.

Having worked in Health - Id say the majority of those taxis were for management consultants or third party consultants at any rate. Public sector organisations are criminally bad for making decisions and/or implementing change. Knowledge sharing is next to near impossible as people cling to their power bases. A consultant’s wet dream really there is no accountability. You could send in expense claim after expense claim and provided you are friendly with the person signing it off and bring them to sporting events or let their superiors know how much of a great job they do - the gravy train will continue to roll.

But yeah when your employer is the country then it is a different matter imo but the likes of Callely just see what allowances they are entitled to and have an attitude of well we deserve it. Only because there was a stench of shit a mile long from him is the reason why he was caught. Each politican down to local level should have their salary and itemised claimed expenses put up on a website each year. Also for senior civil servants. You would see serious cost savings then.