The jacks are back

fuck y’all you sister raping turf munching inbred fucktards

Congrats NCC - enjoy a few in Quinn’s tonight mate. :clap:

Delighted for us NCC. :pint:

Hill 16 is Dublin only,
Hill 16 is Dublin only,
Hill 16 is Dublin only,

there won’t be a car robbed in dublin tonight

fair play to the dubs strong fast team with a great workrate

The rise in Dublin football has been perfectly timed with the demise of smugby. This should finish the egg chasers off for good. Congrats NCC

well done NCC, get the flags up for the next 6 weeks

Cant believe it. Was at the match today, unreal. Still smiling bring on Cork or the Rossies.

Congrats Sid, rocko, scumpot and tazdedub.

The False Dawn…

i wonder was one of the 70 TVs in “Players Lounge” showing the GGA today or was the clientele more focused on the massive pre season friendly game between Celtic and Lyon?


G’wan Taz

Congratulations NCC, delighted for your boys today, or yesterday as it is now.

Perhaps not…

If the ref knew what he was at today Dublin would have won by 15-20 points. I’m not taking the piss here. The inconsistencies in GGA refereeing is unbelievable.


Muiris is a fine exponent of the whistle.

Nope, is, is correct.