The Joe Brolly owns your soul thread

Yea maybe that’s it. He does say the odd interesting thing but Joe ignores him or misinterprets him. Needs a stronger opponent to get the best out of him. I’d say fanning is scared of his life he will mention his aul lad. Surely aengus fanning in his stewardship of the Sunday indo was the living embodiment of all Joe is talking about.

The Cruiser must be seething

He’s long dead thankfully. .


Amen to that - the sanctimonious oul’ cunt. Christ but the sight of him was enough to rise the B/P.


Fair enough. Joe will just have to take that one on the chin

That’s class. Sums up the negative side to brolly perfectly. What did brolly say about hennelly again?

Couldn’t find that info. Probably cut him to shit. Writer made a good point. Brolly’s RTE colleagues were so dry on air that he must have seemed like some kind of maverick in comparison.

Brolly is an outrageously huge character in every sense of the word and ferocious value as a pundit and commentator on current affairs. He’s generous and good craic. He’s also a total cunt as your man outlines well there.

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Here we go

Notoriously media-shy Joe has kept this bombshell under his hat a fair while


Joe ball hopping no doubt

Joe is tremendous fun

Classic Joe, tremendous fun

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Another one for the TNH thread

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How’s the head pal?

Long as you can get up for breakfast you’ll be grand


That epic drawn final turned out to be my last appearance on RTÉ after I rejected a new contract offer of €75k in a numbered Swiss account and a Renault Clio in my mother’s name.


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Can anyone throw up the indo piece on Pat Gilroy?