The Joe Brolly tries to score thread


He’s not one to shy away from a scrap. Fair play to him


He never was.

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Ryan seems like a very underwhelming appointment.


Never a solution with Joe. Who would he have liked to get the job apart from himself? The vice chairman of Glenballymore who broke his jaw with a box in a league game back in 1995 but they all went for pints after the game anyway and laugh about it these days?


Joe Brolly has become the Gemma O’Doherty of the GAA.


He was always the front-runner, CP want a numbers man rather than any idealist.


Joe Brolly’s spiel, like that of all demagogues, denies current realities and pleads for a return to a supposed golden era that that never existed.

Under his direction, the GAA would be on a road to disaster.

He’s a deeply confused crackpot.

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Carlow GAA has Joe seething.


Where did a wee boy like you learn a big fancy word like demagogue, and WTF relevance does it have to Joe Brolly.


Is he engaging in demagoguery?


He has a point in that the gaa could direct their money far better than at the GPA, who by their own admission, are offering unvouched for bursaries in a corridor.


His recent meanderings have been a bit demagographic alright.


I know a fella who got funded for an MBA through the GPA. He chanced his arm basically not having played inter county football in 3 or 4 seasons. He was not from a prominent county. To say he was surprised to get the funding was an understatement


Where he was from is irrelevant. They seem to be able to hand out massive sums without recourse, audit, transparency or fairness, on a whim.
It’s bizarre in this day and age.
The teamsters would seem reasonable in comparison.


Are you suggesting dermot earley has been buried under a few ton of concrete?


Its quite relevant. I think it was unusual that this guy got funded but his prominence as a footballer played no part in it.


Surely it shouldn’t matter.


Theres a pretty shocking stat about Leitrim in there @thedancingbaby @Boxtyeater @farmerinthecity @Matty_Hislop @The_Selfish_Giant


It’s tyrone’s fault