The Joe Brolly tries to score thread


Hes not saying that.Hes saying its Derrys fault for hiring useless cunts.


I didn’t say he’s “saying that”…I just said it’s tyrone’s fault…


Its not tyrones fault.Did you read the article?


What’s the article got to do with it? You’re being very obtuse (thran) about this.


It’s not Joe’s fault anyway. The yapping Jack Russell of the GGA.

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That’s an appalling thing to say. No need whatsoever, on this day of all days.


Dont mind that auld square head.he hasnt a notion.Another beancounter like most of the upper echelons of the gaa who think money is everything.

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Thank you for your support Massey. I was quite taken aback there.


Go shit in your hat. Why isn’t Joe setting himself up as the saviour of Derry GGA?


Mr Brolly is a newspaper columnist. He has always been dedicated to the pursuit of truth and righteousness and for this he deserves great credit.

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Nice use of “you couldn’t make it up” by Joe.
Division 1 to 4 is some fall from grace for Derry (or the Oak Leaf county as RTE reporters would refer to them as)


The use of you couldn’t make it up and the donkey joke…very suspicious

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Give my old team mates all the jobs. You hear the same shite from the Offaly lads.


Offaly hometown appointment working well for now

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They dont want joe or his likes involved.Derry need the likes of Tohill to take the reins for a few years,he might get lads to commit as they have some good players.Definetly better than Div 4 anyway.


Works well for most counties with AI winners.I dont get the hate for Brolly.Hes a true Gael.

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Joe holds a mirror up to the nation. Some like what they see and some don’t. Some of those who don’t like what they see blame joe. It’s very unedifying.


Very true.

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Joe could do with holding a mirror up to himself occasionally. He derides and sneers at anyone who makes money out of the gaa yet he probably pulls over 100k a year out of it himself.


I assume he makes money from punditry etc. He’s more than generous with his time and money. He has put back far more than he has taken out.