The Joe Brolly tries to score thread


Exactly.Joe is paid for his pundrity but he takes very little for club nights,medal presenting etc.We need high profile lads like Joe to keep pressure on the beancounters in the gaa to remind them its not all about the $$$$$

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Beautifully put Massey.


I would say your right about Joe being generous with his time and money. He’s still too quick to rush to judgement on others in my opinion

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And kidney,dont forget the kidney.Seriously id say Joe has done more for organ donation in the last few years than anyone has.#optforlife.

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His propensity for telling the truth combined with his quick wit and ebullient nature leaves him liable to make the occasional faux pas. In his defence I would say that he is as quick to apologise as he is to offend. But I understand why you have arrived at that point of view.


i want to +1 that
Joe was down in Cobh friday night and save for a load of stout and a room in a hotel he didnt ask for anymore…now as for another few of those in attendance…


Going down the legal route when Tommy Conlon gave him some of his own medicine sickened my hole a bit.


Ive been told that alright.A room and a few pints.A true gael.It proably cost him a 100 in diesel.


Tommy Conlon is a cunt,

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Joe is indeed a yapping terrier, and that article is from his usual bland IKEA school of journalism, but he has a very valid point. Any professional director of football who has presided over derry being in division 4 should be shown the door forthwith. And any decent footballing county like derry should appoint primarily from within.


Conlon was a louse on a pigeon pecking at Joe’s ankles. If Joe felt the law provided the proper medicine then he was probably right.
Colon was commenting on matters well above his pay grade and his understanding. He was also making allegations that were serious and groundless He should be grateful to Joe for dealing with him at all.

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The problem Derry have are all internal, maybe if these lads could leave their club rivalries and grudges with managers at the door it might help a bit.

Derry played open attacking football under Barton and it brought them to Div 4. Players wouldn’t commit to him either so it’s hardly the fault of the style of football.


Conlon may and probably is a cunt. However Joe has been scatter gunning all before him for years with scant regard for facts or reputations. As soon as Conlon returned the compliment Joe went crying to his legal mates.


No county loyalty to be seen here


I doubt there was much crying, at least on Joe’s part. I would imagine conlon was given the opportunity to display manners before Joe had to deal with him.


The truth is that Joe generally talks absolute shite about the GAA. Derry are in the position they are in precisely because of attitudes like his.

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Some posters should offer to provide their services to those who have sought Joe’s.


Paul Williams is an utter cunt also.Your point?


Joe’s recent interview with Eamonn Mallie gives some indication of his potential. His disdain of political correctness, his fearlessness and his ability to articulate the complexities of identity and society are thought provoking and healthy.
These are qualities which probably preclude him from many positions in public life.
However they might also be the qualities which make him very suitable for public life.
Joe for president.

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Judging by today’s indo Joe’s hatred of Cavanagh isn’t as strong as his hatred of harte.
I think this shows poor judgement. They’re as hateful as each other.
I’m prepared to let this pass and will still vote for Joe in the upcoming presidential election, assuming I have a vote of course.

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