The Joe Brolly tries to score thread


Naw! I think Joe is a self-perpuating, media whooring fucker. Fuck off Joe in my book.




Quite bitchy to mention the ghostwriter. Not the done thing in journalistic circles. His “weekly interview with Keith Duggan”.


Brolly still dealing with the myth that Dublin are an attacking side.


Des Cahill nearly had kittens on radio 1 yesterday when Brolly shredded Mcguinness.But joe but joe but joe.


He’s been mentioning it for the guts of a year.


Classic opening paragraph of TNH drivel. I can imagine the rest.


Brolly destroying Parkinson on twitter


Details please Crumbly. I’m not on twitter


Brolly laying into harte


Dead right.

Tyrone are muppet


Harte is a prick and has contributed more than anyone to the shit spectacle that we are generally served up


Read Kimmages interview with Sean Cavanagh in the Indo today. Said he hadn’t spoken to Brolly in ten years until last weekend.


Kimmage has an interview with Cavanagh where we’re told that harte gives out rosary beads at the start of the season- they all say the rosary before the team meal.
It’s debatable whether or not all his players have taken this to heart.


How is Brolly’s woman in Knockmore?


Is somebody here capable of answering that? What an odd question



Great question


Odd to ask questions of Joe Brolly on the Joe Brolly thread?


No such woman exists


Changing the subject as quickly as possible…